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Mortgage Payoff Account Update

February 18th, 2008 at 07:24 pm

Mortgage Pre Payment - GOAL: Put the entire monthly balance of "found money" saved against the mortgage principal.

The kids are helping by collecting change around the house.

3/4/2009 Mortgage Pre Payment.....$566.81

4/1/2009 Mortgage Pre Payment.....$586.42

UPDATE 8/27/2009

NOTE: MTG BALANCE:...$103,776.32
ORG BALANCE:...$145,000.00
ORG TERM:......15 years
REMAINING TERM: 10 years/10 month
AMT PAID TO DATE: 41,223.68

10/1/09 Mortgage Pre Payment.......$500.00

10/23/09 - Pre Payment Saved.......$45.00

11/1/09 Mortgage Pre Payment.......$245.00

As Of 3/27/10

Org Balance:...$145,000.00
Mtg Balance:...$98,718.47

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