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Found A Nice Treasure

March 17th, 2008 at 01:10 pm

In a time when the market conditions are at its worst in years, real estate is at its worst in years and national confidence is at its worst in years, I thought I would share a nice little story with you from this past weekend.

On Friday, the kids were off from school as it was a Diocease Conference (Catholic School System). I stayed home with them and not paying too much attention, noticed about mid-day that they were very quiet.

I asked them what was going on and they stated they were producing and directing their own play, along with props. Not thinking too much about it, I went about my business as they did theirs.

When my wife got home from work, the kids were pretty excited about putting this play on for us and asked if I would video tape it. Assuring them that I would get the camera out and capture their hard work for ever and ever, I opened the closet and grabbed the camera bag.

We have three daughters, Hunter (11), Kennedy (7) and Liberty (5). They each have their own DVD for individual tapings and then we have a "family" DVD. I wanted to make sure that I had the right DVD in so I opened the front pouch to check that their individual DVDs were in there. Well, I found more than I ever dreamed.

In a money envelope was about $60.00 in bills and $5.00 in change. I must have put some cash in the camera bag on our last outing and completely forgot about it!!!!! It was like finding a dollar bill in your jeans before doing laundry, only a million times better.

I took all but $20.00 and put it in the Mortgage Payoff Fund (I will update it tomorrow) and kept the $20.00 for myslef (which usually equates into somthing for the kids...lololol).

Thought you would enjoy the story.

PS - The play was a shortened version of Noah's Ark and they scripted lines, made animal cutouts and even wrote/sang a song. All on DVD of course.