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Back Again

March 28th, 2010 at 12:27 am

Been monitoring the site versus blogging for a while. It seems a disgruntled former business partner found his way into my account and wrote some very hurtful, eroneous things about me. Nonetheless, I love him for who he is and hopefully, time heals all wounds. Carrying anger, pain, confusion and contempt is very laboreous. I hope he let's go of it!

In any event, to update you on my quest to pay off my mortgage, my new balance is at about $98k. This is down $46k since 2005. It's tough sometimes to apply extra monies toward the principal when there are so many other investment commitments, however, I am happy to report that my payment covers more principal than interest, thus, even when I cannot put any extra money towards it, I am chomping against the balance pretty hard!

Loved catching up on all my SA friends information. God bless you all and it sure is good to be back.