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2nd Job Update

May 14th, 2014 at 05:21 pm

So, I spoke to the good Doctor's secretary today regarding my disappointment in not getting paid yesterday.

I expressed my feelings regarding holding up my end of the bargain by providing an honest evenings work for an honest evenings pay. I expressed my feelings toward earning every penny and not having to "chase" what is rightly owed to me.

She agreed completely and stated she had sent the money to the job site and told me the "secret place" it was hiding in.

She also stated how please he was with my work, my word and my trustworthiness. I thanked her for the kind words and reiterated my desire to work long term in this part time capacity but that I will never again be left with my hand out for what I earned.

I will be visiting the jobsite tomorrow to find the "secret place" and grab my pay. I will not be able to work as he has not been able to provide the supplies I need at this stage. I am hoping that at some point he will allow me the opportunity to utilize his account to simply get what I need. I will be missing out on an evenings pay because of his inability to follow through with getting the items I need to continue this portion of the job.

Anyway, I am blessed to have the chance to earn a couple hundred bucks per month and certainly don't want to paint a picture of "poor Jamie". But I will not expend the time or effort to hold up my end of the agreement with him holding up his. Jamie

3 Responses to “2nd Job Update”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I'd be thrilled to work with someone with your integrity and work ethic. He should be as well. I, too, wouldn't stick around if the pay isn't going to be available when promised, nor the work.

  2. Miz Pat Says:

    Its good to set boundaries in this kind of situation or you can get the run-around. You have the right idea.

  3. snafu Says:

    I hope you'll keep your disappointment in perspective and stay cool. You'd explained earlier that this was an unusual construction project which happens to suit your circumstances for time and skill and provides extra money for your project. I too would be miffed to drive out of my way so you've identified a problem that needs a solution.

    Apparently the secretary provided the sum owed on site but communications failed. I'm sure you were disappointed the materials needed weren't available either causing the work to be delayed for another time. What's a good fix? Can you work with the site's contractor to facilitate materials needed for your next part of the project? Perhaps e-mail him the list and have him confirm the items have been delivered to the site? If there is no on-site contractor, could you work with the secretary via e-mail? Could the supplier e-mail you when materials were delivered?

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