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A Sunny Day in May to Reflect

May 1st, 2014 at 05:05 pm

Sooooo, unfortunatley, I have no Loose Change to deposit today. That's bad for the Loose Change account, however, good in the sense that I spent no cash.

After reviewing April's numbers, it looks as if I truly accomplished a lot:

1. Opened a Duplex Escrow Account
2. Opened an Emergency Fund
3. Opened a Loose Change Fund
4. Opened a Savings Account
5. Reconciled my Operations Account
6. I deposited a total of $205.96 in the Loose Change Account.
7. I was $117.00 under my budgeted auto fuel amount.
8. I was $58.94 over my budgeted food amount (however, Easter may have contributed to that extra spend.
9. I reduced my monthly internet bill by $10.00.
10. I established auto pay on my credit card to earn reward points. Monthly debts applied are auto insurance, refuse, cell phone, propane, dish, netflix, internet (mortgage and electric do not qualify).
11. I reduced my monthly dish bill by $37.16.
12. I found a part time job that should net me ~$200.00 per month without any impact on my time with the girls!
13. Earned a $30.00 reduction in auto insurance for paying the bill in full.
14. I obtained two additional credit cards taking my available credit to $85k
15. Met the Quicksilver reward requirements and cashed out $107.00 which went to the Loose Change and Savings Accounts, respectively.

Phew...what a month...I guess I never really stopped to think how busy it was. I may even be missing a couple things. Oh well, I am on the right side of the dirt....for now....Jamie

1 Responses to “A Sunny Day in May to Reflect”

  1. Permanent Temp Says:

    Looks pretty neat!

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