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Loose Change Challenge

April 28th, 2014 at 12:33 pm


Balance: $0.00
Deposit: $3.40
Balance: $3.40

And we start all over again! Just amazing how a little diligence and money management can really add up. As I stated last night, almost one month to the day of my Loose Change challenge and I have already seen my balance rise to $250.00. Now, I have added some reward monies, so, to constitute my "change" and "dollar bills" is a bit of a stretch, however, it really does add up.

I have accepted a part time job too! $10.00 per hour painting and providing other "handyman" work for an MD in a neighboring town. I should clear about $40.00 per week which, doesn't sound like much, but, an exra $160.00 per month sure does sound nice, especially when looking at some of the items I would like to purchase (new riding lawn mower, new tool shed, new storm door, new laptop). All of the above items are really needs, but, one thing at a time! Jamie

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