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Busy Financial Day

March 31st, 2014 at 04:26 pm

Busy Financial Day for Jamie.. here is what I accomplished

1. Opened a duplex escrow account whereby 1/2 of the rental income will go for taxes and insurance. This will keep my operational and savings accounts more clearly defined

2. Finalized the applications for my second and third credit cards. Both maintain moderate interest rates, exciting rewards and combined with my first card, gives me $34k in avaliable credit. Great power!

3. Verified all information is current on my $40k unsecured line of credit through my bank. This along with number 2 above secures $74k in available credit. Great power!

4. To leverage my reward programs, I ordered all but two monthy bills be applied directly to my credit card per month. The only remaining expenses are my mortgage and electric bills. I will do the mortgage tomorrow and have to speak with my electric company as all the information online suggests they use a third party billing company and charge $7.50 per credit card payment transaction.

Doesnt sound like much but I am very content with my actions today.

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